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Challenge Night Latest Results


RESULTS Members Dogs  1st Katie and Willow clear +bonus in 11.19 2nd Amy and Casper clear in 12.47 3rd Matt and Toby clear in 14.07 4th Clare and Millie clear in 14.44 5th Chris and Mutley clear in 20.19 6th Jo and Bella clear in 36.84 7th Susan and Sadie 5 faults in 30.88
Trainers Dogs  1st Alan and Jinks    clear +bonus in 9.34 2nd Alan and Maverick clear in 14.97 3rd Carol and Hathi clear in 11.30 4th Carol and Lottie clear in 13.34
TUNNEL CHALLENGE RESULTS Beginner Dogs 1st   Amy and Casper         clear in 21.10 2nd  Sam and Mutley clear in 23.16 3rd   Rachel and Kiera clear in 23.56 4th   Peter and Alfred clear in 23.56 5th   Beth and Zeus clear in 25.19 6th   Carol and Luna 5 faults in 51.44 7th   Julia and Rossi 10 faults in 30.43 E'd   Sue and Pippin, Mia and Storm Sharon and Casey. Novice Dogs 1st      Katie and Willow     clear in 20.66 2nd     Sarah and Malu       clear in 21.72 3rd      Billy and Betty         clear in 22.59 4th      Jane and Lucky        clear in 26.34 5th      Clare and Beatrice  clear in 27.66 6th      Sam and Lola            clear in 28.66 7th      Janet and Jubby       clear in 30.85 8th      Ann and Frankie      clear in 32.87 9th      Sue and Rolly            clear in 35.65 10th   Mia and Harvey        clear in 38.50 11th   Ken and Teddy          clear in 38.54 12th   Corrina and Maggie 5 faults in 20.75 13th   Lisa and Daisy           5 faults in 28.46 14th   Sue and Daisy           5 faults in 36.34
Trainers Dogs  1st     Angela and Breeze clear in 19.72 2nd     Angela and Molly clear in 20.56 3rd Lucy and Logan clear in 21.46 4th Carol and Lottie clear in 22.34 5th Karen and Aggie clear in 22.50 6th Heather and Sid clear in 22.85 7th Lucy and Chester clear in 23.87 8th Angela and Sophie clear in 26.03 9th Angela and Dale clear in 26.06 10th Angela and Morgan clear in 27.00 11th Heather and Matti clear in 27.09 12th Alan and Finley 5 faults in 19.50 13th Carol and Hathi 10 faults in 30.50.
Hoopers Challenge Nights Members 18 19 August Sept Oct Dec Jan March April May Total Katie & Willow 20 Clare & Millie 18 Chris & Mutley 16 Lorriane & Rosie 14 Amy & Casper 12 Matt & Toby 10 Judith & Addie 8 Sue & George 6 Trainers August Sept Oct Dec Jan March April May Total Carol & Lottie 20 Carol & Hathi 18 Lucy & Dylan 16 Carol & Woody 14 Lucy &  Chester 12
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