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Pebbles Sept 2002 - October 2017 The biggest “cuddle monster” ever, she loved to have a big fuss from everyone. Pebbles liked to go hunting (on her own), and entertained many with her tricks at displays, she even opened Crufts in 2008 - being the first dog in the ring. Never fast - always clear.
Carol’s Original Gang
IZZY Jan 2004 - November 2016. Border collie who was a dream to work and loved everyone. Not always so keen on unknown dogs, but if you were her friend she would always greet you with a jump! Unfortunately at 5 she started to have fits, each one taking it toll on her. She competed at Crufts twice with her junior handlers and fully enjoyed the experience.
CHLOE March 1997 - Nov 2011. Cavalier-cross Jack Russell, who loved agility. Anyone could run her (as long as food was involved) and very partial to a cup of tea or coffee. Loved liver cake as her birthday cake which was often supplied by Katie - her junior handler. She attended Crufts in 2008 in a small team, taking the experience in her stride. Loved to be ever so polite where-ever we went.
BARNEY RUBBLE Jan 2000 - October 2012. Rescue Collie-cross Staffie. We were his 5th and final home, he came to us aged 5 months, a great character who loved to smile and show all his teeth, and come running at you (not everyone was sure of him). He enjoyed his agility and loved his trick training. Very much a one person dog at home and always chased people out the house!
Barney Rubble
KELLY Jan 1993 - Nov 2007. A crazy Border Collie who never grew up, and the reason for joining FDTC. She taught me so much, I will always be grateful to her.