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This is the Frome Dog Training Club Rainbow Bridge This is our “Rainbow Bridge” Page for our doggy friends and companions that are no longer with us.
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Balin 02 August 2002 to 13 October 2017 After a wonderfully full life, sharing his affectionate personality with everyone he met, Jacki’s Balin - the Staffordshire Bull Terrier - has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and passed out of our lives but never from our hearts. Click HERE for more Balin photos
Please send us details if you would like your entry here on our Rainbow Bridge
Pebbles Sept 2002 to 22 October 2017 The biggest “cuddle monster” ever, she loved to have a big fuss from everyone. Pebbles liked to go hunting (on her own), and entertained many with her tricks at displays, she even opened Crufts in 2008  - being the first dog in the ring.   Never fast - always clear. Click HERE for more of Carol’s “Original Gang”
Zac   June 2003 to 6 November 2017 Zac loved his tennis ball, but not as much a really good cuddle. He enjoyed meeting lots of new people at the club shows and presentations, as well as all his club friends. A star of the Agility ring, we will all miss him and his lovely character. Click HERE for a portrait of Zac
Maud     24 May 2006 to 10 October 2017.   Maud the finder of lost balls, the digger of mud, the chaser of leaves and snowflakes, the lover of life. You made us laugh every day. Our beautiful, gorgeous girl. Click HERE for more photos of Maud